ok look, everyone can collaborate these days and nothing is secure because everyone has a camera phone. yes, i said camera phone. to me they are still camera phones, not smart phones, but i digress. investor collaboration can be secure… let’s talk.

if you’re going to make secure technology there are a few things that you need if you want to collaborate with investors. for starters, if you share a link you’re going to want that whole chain of communication encrypted. solutions like PORTAL.BLACK and insights.land give you that, but no one else really in the space. i wish i had better news for you. you’re also going to want links that expire after a certain amount of time right? you don’t want people sending links around and sharing your docs forever. you’re also going to want a full audit trail, password protected files, and.. and…

investor collaboration why investor collaboration is important

the thing about investor relations that not a lot of firms quantify is the cost it takes to resolve an investor query – it’s four hours. take the avg salary of your team and do the math. it’s expensive to answer investors’ questions!

here in insights.land we believe that once you’ve found us it should not be challenging or risky to do these sorts of things. investors are highly sophisticated, mobile first, and very connected. it’s very surprising that investor portal vendors out there seem to look down on investors and treat them like the want to use internet explorer on their windows desktop all day. gross!

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