ok, let’s face it, from raising money to sending out k1s, investor relations from home and the ir game has changed. we’re in a new era here, and we have to be honest with ourselves, it’s never coming back. a few years back, at a cap intro event here in manhattan, i was approached by a teammate with a plate of appetizers, “these are for the investors”, she said. i demurred. now it’s de rigeour and no one thinks twice. a plate of gross finger food shared in public at an open air event. tbh, this is how i always felt, and really love the fact that people have discovered germs, however this is not the way we should conduct business. how are you going to make yourself a firm that is more likeable over zoom? amazon and others like to work backwards and solve problems with software like that. i would concur that this is one approach, and it’s interesting to see people figure this out either by hook or crook, but that’s not the way to run ir. get back to in person events quickly, and do not hesitate. use it as a qualifier for a certain market, and use virtual ir in other ways. they are two different audiences and need to be treated as such.

Why focus on investor relations from home?

In a real sense of the word; optimism should be encouraged. allow those optimistic souls with gravitas and gravel voices the chance to invest and relate in person, and give the other a chance to go virtual. and vice versa. people are people and from moment to moment require different strokes. have an option for everyone in the moment. play both hands, a comedy and tragedy. this is the path to success we’ve found on insights.land. true investor relations bliss.