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investor portal security

securing the fort

Here, we are focused on investor portal security; but outside of there’s a lot of mist, miasma and misdirection … and dire reports sound through the fog, portending a brewing storm. It isn’t enough we have a cesspool of tainted players. getting real, that’s what we have here regarding security these days. companies are …

N. Roerich And We are Trying. From the Sancta Series Google Art Project

secure investor collaboration

ok look, everyone can collaborate these days and nothing is secure because everyone has a camera phone. yes, i said camera phone. to me they are still camera phones, not smart phones, but i digress. investor collaboration can be secure… let’s talk. if you’re going to make secure technology there are a few things that …

buddha the winner 1925

we think we found treasure

for the past decade plus, we’ve been trying to understand why investor relations best practices are not a focus of a lot of fintech software companies. literally, go out there and hunt for a good looking, modern investor portal, accounting program, investor relationship management solutions, or even a website. you’ll pay too much for too …