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for the past decade plus, we’ve been trying to understand why investor relations best practices are not a focus of a lot of fintech software companies. literally, go out there and hunt for a good looking, modern investor portal, accounting program, investor relationship management solutions, or even a website. you’ll pay too much for too little, and not only that… they laugh at you.

we see our clients in dead end deals with b-list players and developers that could care less about you, let alone understand the difference between a cap call and a distro. take it from us, they’re good people, but so are butchers, and you wouldn’t want them making your investment portal either.

here on the angelic diaspora of insights.land we had been looking for the golden goose if you would, the destination. we’ve been divvying now for a while, and our thoughts are crystallizing. we really have something here. get in touch with us if you can – we’d like to show you what we’ve found.